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Sizing / Fit

How do emptyspace™ products fit?

Most of our clothes fit oversized, relaxed. They are designed to fit unisex and a wide ringe of body types. Look into each item's size guide for more guidance.

Fluffy Knits

Measure Sweatshirts and Pants you already own. Most importantly: the Body length, Sleeve length and Shoulders. Then compare the measurements with our sizing table(s).

Echo Ear-Grillz

Ear-Grillz are personalized to each ear. After placing your order, you receive a Silicone Kit to take an impression of your ear. Once sent back, our team takes care of the rest.


What are the shipping times?

2-3 Days

4-6 Days

Switzerland & UK
4-6 Days

USA & Others
10-14 Days

We ship exclusively using DHL and DHL Express, making use of the most reliable shipping carrier.

How much will shipping cost?

Germany (DE)
Between 4,90€ — 7,90€, depending on the weight of your order.
All orders above 250€ are eligible for free shipping.

Europe (EU)
Between 11,90€ — 14,90€, depending on the weight of your order.
All orders above 350€ are eligible for free shipping.

Switzerland & UK
Between 11,90€ — 14,90€, depending on the weight of your order.

USA & Others
Between 17,90€ — 31,90€, depending on the weight of your order and country.

Can you provide worldwide shipping?

Yes, we do ship worldwide. Please get in touch with our team, if your country is not listed yet.

How do I change my shipping adress?

Order not shipped yet?
If you have already ordered and your items haven't shipped yet, we can help you change your shipping adress. Please contact our Customer service via E-Mail at

We will be happy to assist you.

Order already shipped?
If your items have already shipped, we can only wait until it gets back to us via DHL, and deliver it to your new adress for a newly charged shipping fee.

For future orders, you can always edit your shipping adress(es) in your account hub.

Product Care

How do I care for emptyspace™ jewelry?

To keep your silver jewelry clean and shiny, gently polish it with a soft cloth. We have already included one polishing cloth in your packaging. Do not use any cleaning products as this can damage the texture, material.

Our silver jewelry is handmade with recycled 925 solid sterling silver, giving them the long lasting lifetime through the material choice.

Gold plated
We don't guarantee the gold-plating to last forever. Make sure to take it off before swimming or getting into contact with other liquids and soaps. Sweat from workouts can also speed up the tarnishing process - so make sure to remove the ring before workouts.

What if my item needs fixing or reparation?

If any of your ets™ items need fixing or reparation, don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly point you to the best way of repairing your items by yourself or local tailors, goldsmiths to extend the item's lifetime. In the rare case of the item being irreparable—please research shelters or secondhand shops for a possible donation.

Returns / Exchanges

How can I exchange my item?

Wrong size?
If you need a different size of the same item or your item has size flaws you feel not comfortable with.

Contact our team and we will exchange it as soon as we can.

What if I receive the wrong item?

We too are humanly imperfect and will gladly exchange your wrongly received items for free.

How can I return an item?

You will need to fill out our returns form and send back the item you wish to return. We do not cover return postage fees. All returns information, including the return forms can be found on our returns page.

We understand that we’re all used to free returns nowadays, but as a small company we cannot provide such a service.

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Reach out to our client service team with any unanswered question. We're happy to assist you Mo-Fri from 10 AM to 5 PM, CET.