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In-ear Grillz—Custom-designed and personalized - For your ears only™. A one-of-a-kind jewelry piece that effortlessly captures individuality. Precisely crafted using allergy-safe, skin-friendly fine-metals.
  • You can still hear 
  • 100% allergy-safe, skin-friendly metals
  • Customized to your ear(s)
Product Details
  • 100% allergy-safe, skin-friendly chrome metal
  • Corrosion-free, will never change material color
  • Designed in Berlin
  • Crafted in Germany

Product Care:
Gently polish your Echo™ regularly to keep it ever-shiny.

Most Asked Questions

Can you still hear?
Yes, you can hear 95%—as ECHO has been carefully designed using a hollow construction, that allows for the majority of sounds to easily reach your ear canal.

What material is Echo made of?
ECHO is made out of 100% allergy-safe, skin-friendly, fine-metal alloy. This unique material will never change color, as it is corrosion-free and bio-compatible with every skin. Precisely crafted in Germany using high quality alloys, plated gold and 14k gold.

How does it fit my ear?
3-5 days after ordering, you receive an easy to use 3-step-kit to measure your ear impression. We then use your ear-impression to seamlessly design your ECHO.

When do you I receive my Echo?
For individually crafted items, like ECHO, it may take 21-30 days after receiving your successful ear-impression.

Shipping and Returns

Your easy to use 3-step-kit arrives in 3-5 days. It may take 21-30 days to complete the production of your personalized Echo™.

Delivery Times 
Germany 3-5 days
EU 5-7 days
Non-EU 7-15 days

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